Audubon Explorer Backpacks-Policies & Procedures

Veterans’ Memorial Library Audubon Explorer Backpacks- Policies & Procedures 

 User Agreement for Borrowing the Audubon Explorer Backpacks

Borrower must be 18 years old with a valid license and library card in good standing. Borrower must sign this agreement and confirm his/her contact information at the time of checkout. 

I, ________________________________________________, take full responsibility for the Audubon Explorer Backpacks I am checking out. The replacement cost of the Audubon Explorer Backpack:Birds, will be $150.00, Audubon Explorer Backpack:Wildlife will be $105.00,  Audubon Explorer Backpack:Plants will be $95.00, if the item is lost, stolen, or broken while in my care. I will pay the replacement fee if I fail to return the item at all, or in unusable condition (to be determined by the library director). 

I agree that the backpack is complete and in good condition at the time I am checking it out. I agree with the Veterans’ Memorial Library Policy for Use of the Audubon Explorer Backpacks.

If the Backpack is more than 25 days overdue and I do not return it, I understand that I will be held responsible for the cost to replace the Backpack  if it isn’t returned within 3 days of being notified. 

I understand that the Backpack must be returned inside the library directly to a library staff member. They may not be returned in the outdoor or indoor drop boxes. If I return the Audubon Explorer Backpack in a drop box, I could be charged a $25.00 minimum fee for unnecessary risk to the Audubon Explorer Backpack. 

Contents of each backpack will be inventoried prior to check out and upon return.

User Signature: ______________________________________________  

Checkout Date: ______________

 Staff Use: 


Staff Member Name: ___________________________________________  

Check in: 

Staff Member Name: ___________________________________________ 

Return Date: ___________ 

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Approved: 09/19/2022