Partnership with National Digital Equity Center

“The National Digital Equity Center (NDEC) is committed to closing the Digital Divide. In addition to advocating for Affordable Broadband, Affordable Equipment and Public Computer Access. The National Digital Equity Center is focused on creating digitally literacy citizens, providing communities with the expertise to mobilize broadband technologies through digital inclusion and literacy efforts.”

“Veteran’s Memorial Library will partner with NDEC to provide one or more of the following NDEC Programs to the communities/constituents it serves:

  • Free or low-cost data tablets or computers based on specific NDEC program criteria
  • NDEC free onsite digital literacy classes which includes classroom space; one or more Class Facilitators, and assistance with enrollment and marketing efforts.
  • Volunteer Tutors which may include identification of volunteers and providing one-on-one meeting space.”

Quotes taken directly from NDEC.

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